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De website Je Leefstijl als Medicijn is een initiatief van Wim Tilburgs. Heb je vragen of opmerkingen kan je me bereiken via e-mail of via onderstaand formulier. Bellen of WhatsApp kan ook op nummer 06 42 44 22 25.

Als je in mee wil doen met de Diabetes Reset leefstijl wandelingen vermeld dit dan bij de opmerking.


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Mijn persoonlijke verhaal hoe ik genezen ben van diabetes. Wil jij ook genezen van diabetes kom naar onze steungroep voor mensen met diabetes waar we elkaar helpen om diabetes om te keren met je leefstijl als medicijn. heb op Facebook een groep opgericht waar ik mensen me
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Eng he? Maar dat gaat vanzelf beter, naarmate je t meer gaat doen. Ik heb met plezier teruggekeken. En weer extra gemotiveerd om door te gaan 😘

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Leefstijl als Medicijn / Lifestyle as Medicine

Interessante Podcast. Pete Evans met Aseem Malhotra.WE NEED TO MAKE MEDICINE GREAT AGAIN!!!

You will love our latest podcast with Dr Malhotra. If you take statins or know of anyone please tag and share.

Dr Aseem Malhotra is an award-winning cardiologist.
He's becoming known as one of the most influential cardiologists in Britain, and a world leading expert in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. He is successfully leading the campaign against excess sugar consumption.
The award-winning NHS cardiologist has successfully motivated leading academics, the media and politicians to make sugar reduction a health priority in the UK, by publishing commentaries in the BMJ and mainstream media.
When he's not working is a Doctor in the National Health Service, Dr Aseem reigns supreme in his fight to raise awareness about the health benefits of a sugar free diet, maintaining that sugar deserves it's reputation as public health enemy number one!
His no-holds-barred approach to challenging common health beliefs is proving highly effective in getting medical professionals and social authorities from around the world to sit up and take notice. He's regularly invited to speak at national and international conferences.

Join me as I ask Dr Aseem:
* What does a cardiologist do?
* What are his thoughts on the use of statins?
* How can we decipher health information when authorities aren't up to date with science?
* His ingredients for a healthy, delicious recipe for life.

Dr Aseem will also tell us about:
* How food impacts on chronic disease.
* What he'd like our dietary guidelines to be.
* His positive outlook for the future of healthcare.

Dr Aseem is known for his never-give-up attitude, and you can hear it in the things he shares with us in this episode:
“Dietary changes are more powerful than any drug in the prevention and treatment of heart disease and come without side effects.”
“50% of what you learn in medical school will turn out to be either outdated or wrong within five years of your graduation - the trouble is no-one can tell you which half so you need to learn to learn on your own.”
“We need to really make medicine great again!”

To find out more about Dr Aseem Malhotra, visit

Podcast link is here

I’d love to know your thoughts and experiences, join the conversation on my Facebook page - If you enjoyed this podcast, I encourage you to subscribe, and if you really enjoyed it, I'd love for you to tell a friend or even leave a review on iTunes!

This podcast is presented by the Pete Evans Healthy Everyday range of super blends including Collagen Super Blend, Bone Broth Super Blends, and check out our new All Grass Fed Grass Finished Beef Liver Capsules (and there's more to come!) You can find out more at
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Interessante Podcast. Pete Evans met Aseem Malhotra.

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Leefstijl als Medicijn / Lifestyle as Medicine

In a remarkable 1972 study, subjects with high ketone levels from fasting had NO SYMPTOMS after insulin injection, even with blood sugar DOWN TO 10 MG/DL!!! The authors proposed a ketogenic diet for diabetes. Together with our recent observational study of a low-carb diet for type 1 diabetes (Pediatrics, May 7), it's time for high quality clinical trials. ... Toon meerToon minder

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Facebook groep Leefstijl als Medicijn Platform

De Facebook groep Leefstijl als Medicijn Platform is een groep waar iedereen mee kan praten leefstijl. Je bent van harte welkom om mee te doen met deze discussie. Je kan zelf onderwerpen of vragen plaatsen maar ook gewoon meelezen met de vele interessante discussies daar.

Facebook pagina Leefstijl als Medicijn / Lifestyle as Medicine

De Facebook pagina Leefstijl als Medicijn / Lifestyle as Medicine brengt nieuws en wetenswaardigheden op het gebied van een gezonde leefstijl. Like deze pagina dan ben je altijd op de hoogte van wat er actueel is over het onderwerp leefstijl als medicijn.

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